Ben-To Vol 1 Ch. 0

Vol 1: Mackerel Boiled in Miso 290 Yen



Main characters

Yoh Satou

A relatively dumb high school first year. He’s confident in his stamina. He enjoys retro Sega games.


Sen Yarizui

A high school second year. She’s the president of the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club. Her alias is the “Ice Witch”.


Hana Oshiroi

A reserved high school first year. She’s a petite girl with unusual interest  in males. She’s in the Light Novel Club but…


Ume Shiraume

A high school first year. She’s the prime candidate for student council president. As one would expect, she becomes irritated as soon as something doesn’t go her way.


Yuu Kaneshiro

A scholarship 1 high school third year. He currently does not go to school much. His alias is the “Wizard”.



A high school third year. He’s the captain of the Kendo Club as well as the leader of “Dando and the Hound Pack”.


Ayame Shaga

Yo Sato’s same age cousin.  Her house is close to Yo and she had been playing with him almost every day until they entered high school. As expected, she also enjoys retro Sega games. She forever loves a certain legendary GunCon game.


Yuuki Ishioka

Yo Sato’s childhood friend. He’s a first year at a relatively low-level high school. Because of a certain circumstance, his wish is to go to a different high school.


Hiroaki Uchimoto

A high school first year. Giant masochist. Pervert. Plump.




Supply and demand, these two words are the two absolute components for businesses.

These two components are deeply related in a balancing act… As a result, a faint but always occurring something exists, a gap.

We exist in that cramped space. We, who wager our money, life, and pride to hunt in that tiny crevice.

— People call us “Wolves”.



  1. Refers to students that score really high in entrance exam and receive special treatments such as no tuition or attendance in this case

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