Her Royal Highness seems to be angry Vol 1 Chapter 3.5

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Intermission: Memories of Distant Days


The first time she met him was in the Royal Castle’s courtyard.

It was during the time she had her usual sword training in the garden, when he suddenly fell from the sky.

He was falling straight at her from above. In a panic, she hastily used a levitation Magecraft and he avoided crashing into the ground as a result.

He seemed to be a young lad a few years older than her. She stared at him with her eyes wide open. His face was decorated with black hair and eyes, an unusual color even in those days.

His entire body was clad in that strange black, the clothes he wore were of a design she had never seen before. Because of that unusual appearance, she unconsciously raised her voice.

“Hey, you, where did you come from?”

Upon hearing her words, he tilted his head making a face as if he was confused about something, as if he was about to cry. After looking around in a fluster, his face turned pale.


The words coming out of his mouth were in a language she had never heard before.

For a person who suddenly fell from the sky to also be a foreigner was something beyond her expectations. As a result, she was at a loss on what she should do.

However, she couldn’t just leave things like this. Even if it was low, there was still a possibility that he was a spy from an enemy nation.

“…For the time being, let’s go to my father. I must report to him about you.”

Saying that, while he was still confused, she grabbed his hand, and began walking.

The boy, who looked like he would start crying at any moment, didn’t try to shake off her hand and simply followed her obediently.


* * *


“Say, are you free today?”

Over a year had passed since he had fallen from the sky.

It was a clear day filled with gentle sunlight.

She had come to the courtyard to meet him. In the meantime, he was reading a book under the usual tree.

“Eh? Well I’m free… but why?”

Due to his efforts, in just a year of studying the language, he had dramatically improved to the point where he could now fluently communicate with the people of this world.

“You see! I’ll be heading down to the castle town today to play!”

“Castle town…”

“Yeah! So you know, do you wanna come with me?”

“Can I…?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t have invited you otherwise.”

“I see… Okay. I’m also interested in the castle town, so if it’s fine with you, I’d like to go there with you.”

He closed the book he was reading and stood up. Saying he needed to change clothes, he returned to the castle. She decided to wait at the same spot and he returned shortly afterwards. Using the secret path from the Royal Castle, the two arrived in the castle town.

It was the first time for the both of them, going out to play in the castle town.

In the town that managed to keep its cheerfulness despite all the deeply-ingrained scars of wars, the pair were taught many things, things that they wouldn’t have come to understand if they only stayed in the castle.

In that town filled with a meager happiness amidst a cruel world where even wishing for peace was unreasonable, the pair enjoyed themselves to the point that they lost track of time.

He was walking ahead when a handkerchief suddenly slipped out of his pocket. It was something she had given him some time ago.

It seemed that he had also noticed that he had dropped it, as he came to a sudden stop and turned back in haste.

Glad that he treasured something she had given him, she also reached out for it.

His hand and her’s arrived at the handkerchief at the same time. Those two hands touched each other lightly.

And as if it was a stroke of fate, he and she simultaneously gazed at each other’s face with eyes full of surprise.

He and she both withdrew their hands and averted their gazes in unison once more.


“…N-no worries…”

Neither he nor she could look the other in the face no matter how hard they tried, as they averted their eyes.

The boy and the girl had realized it.

The fact that they had fallen in love.


* * *


It had been five years since he had fallen into this world.

He had grown from a boy to a fine twenty year-old young man.

The once-young boy who caught the interest of the king was now getting more and more involved in the government.

The policies he proposed, the tools he introduced, and the weapons and armor he created were all ground-breaking. They were all things that she and everyone else would never have been able to think of.

Following his involvement, the kingdom’s economy gradually strengthened, national power and military strength reached a level never seen before.

It could be said that if the situation continued, the Kingdom would outpace its neighbors.

And in the spring of that year, he and she got married.

As someone adored by the people as the hero who used strange knowledge and tools to save the kingdom, the king gave his permission for the marriage.

Under the adoring eyes of many people, the ‘Great Sage of Salvation’ and the ‘Kingdom’s Greatest Treasure’ married each other.

On that day, the entire kingdom was filled with festivities, the modest banquet continued on into the night.

While listening to the never-ending clamor in the distance, he and she snuggled against each other in a faintly lit room.


“…I still can’t believe it. Someone of unknown lineage like me marrying a princess.”

“Right? I also thought that I would just end up marrying some noble.”

The sight of him narrowing his eyes to reminisce the past few years made her let out a small laugh.

The girl he loved had become even more beautiful. She was now a woman so charming that anyone would turn their head around.

The boy she loved had shed his childishness and had matured into a dignified man. While they were once the same height,  he had surpassed her height without her realizing and grown manlier in stature.

“It was because you were always by the side of someone like me, who came to this world without knowing a thing.”

As he revealed it hadn’t taken much time for him to fall in love with her, she affectionately gazed at his profile.

“But you are a princess, and I’m just a freeloader. We aren’t fit for each other at all. That was why I had planned to cast this feeling into the deepest parts of my heart and have it buried with me…”

Saying that, he gently pulled her body into an embrace. She entrusted herself to that chest without any resistance.

“Thank you for choosing me. I love you.”

“…I love you too. Don’t ever let me go.”

Gazing into his eyes full of passion, she entwined her arms on his neck. Without knowing who started it, their faces came together as they exchanged a kiss and melted into each other.

The night they spent together quietly continued.


* * *



He made a frail smile as he lay in her arms.

When he tried to breathe, strange noises and red lumps spilled from his mouth. Red and purple liquids mixed as they trickled from the deep arrow wound on his chest.

Even though she wasn’t injured, her entire body was in pain. And the most painful place was her heart.

“…People, like me, have high Magic Power, and we can’t do anything…”

Life kept fading away from his body as he squeezed out those words. She kept on using healing Magecraft and detoxification Magecraft on him, but she knew that it was already too late.

Magecraft wasn’t an omnipotent power. For someone who had received a fast-acting poison and a fatal wound, a miraculous Magecraft that could heal him didn’t exist in this world.

“Why, why did you protect me…! I, I had already accepted my fate…”

“I’m begging you, don’t cry…”

His hand trembled as he gently reached out for her cheek, as if he was treating a fragile object with tender loving care.

Despite the life rapidly draining from his face, he kept smiling until the bitter end.

Like a pearl necklace that had snapped, tears streamed down both her eyes. Even though she didn’t want to miss a single moment, his face still ended up becoming blurry.

“…I’ll wait for you, so I’ll be going ahead. I will only… love… you…”

Saying those final words, as if it was the signal of his life coming to an end, his bloodied hand fell onto the carpet.

A soundless scream resounded in the throne room dyed with blood.


* * *


In a dim room illuminated by the faint moonlight, the girl opened her eyes.

Even though it had been a dream, even though she had already lost him, the bleak atmosphere of the room combined with its melancholic glamor further exacerbated her loneliness.


As if to hide the two droplets traveling down her cheeks, the girl turned and pressed her face into the pillow.


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