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Chapter 5: The Wheel of Fate is Turning


“…One…! …Two…!”

The wooden sword swung downwards, cutting through the air.

Around the time when students should have been taking third period, the figure of Leticiel repetitively practicing swings could be seen. She was wearing pants for ease of movement.

The location this was taking place in was the Swordplay Training Hall. Leticiel had come to practice the martial arts her father had drilled into her back in her previous life. She had been here since the start of first period.

Even as a Magecraft genius, if Leticiel couldn’t match an enemy in hand-to-hand combat, she wouldn’t be able to win any fights. Therefore, she was doing strength and endurance training in the training hall by herself.

Her current body was that of a sheltered noble girl. When she had first begun, just as one would expect, she would have been out of breath after just a few swings. However, as she had gained more muscle, she could now continue to train for longer periods of time.

A month had passed since she had begun to live as Drossel. In that period, she had spent every day to its fullest.

Almost all human contact had been broken off at her own home, as only her exclusive butler, Ruvik, would enter her room. Furthermore, beside her own room, she would only show herself in the kitchen, the library, and the garden.

Her family also adjusted their schedule to avoid her. While Leticiel didn’t know why they behaved like that, she believed that it wasn’t far off from her usual treatment anyway, and paid it no heed.

At the academy, Leticiel would spend her time until noon buried by the books in the Great Library, or practicing martial arts in the Swordplay Training Hall. In the afternoon, she would lock herself in her laboratory to focus on her research.

And then after school, she would head for the Magic Training Field to teach Sieg and Mirandalette about Magecraft.

As the result of a month of training, just as Leticiel had expected, both Sieg and Mirandalette began to show their talents as Mages.

For Mirandalette, while no single Element stood out for her, she had flawless control over Magecraft of every Element. On the other hand, even though Sieg was better at using Magic for some Elements, he excelled at Void Element Magecraft.

At the same time, Leticiel’s Formula research had been progressing favorably, as she was in the process of completing her rewrite of all the Low Spells.

Compared to the other ranks, it seemed that Low Spells and Middle Spells were the most abundant in number, hence it had taken her this long. Besides Formula modification, she had also been developing new Magecraft.

While she had been reporting all of her findings to the Dean, the two of them kept her discoveries in absolute secrecy. The only other people who knew about her discoveries besides them were Sieg; Mirandalette; Raven; and Valtorana (Mister Sparkly), who was shrewdly dragged into the mix.

Finally, Leticiel hadn’t once shown her face in class in the past month.

For someone who loved reading to the point of spending the majority of her time reading in the Great Library and at home, the lessons taught at the Academy were merely child’s play to her.

Indeed, she had reached the same conclusion that Sieg had.

It had proved to be a good decision. Over the past month, she had rarely even met her classmates, let alone been the subject of their insults.

The teachers didn’t get angry or worry about her. On the contrary, they would often visit her laboratory to chat while bringing her refreshments.

Leticiel didn’t know if it was because they liked her or if they had other motives.

“Third period should be ending soon, huh?”

Leticiel asked herself while swinging the wooden sword with all her strength. While there wasn’t any clock in the training hall, she made a guess based on the noises coming from the other side of the wall.

Unlike the outdoor Magic Training Field, the Swordplay Training Hall was indoors. However, it was also divided into many booths and a class was taking third period in the booth next to Leticiel’s.

Placing the wooden sword back on the rack, she then changed her clothes in the booth’s changing room before cheerfully heading for the cafeteria.

Even if she didn’t show up for class, Leticiel would make sure to have lunch with her friends. She believed that going out of her way to eat lunch alone despite having friends would be too pitiful.

Leticiel arrived at the cafeteria before the end of third period. Because it was still during instructional hours, not a single other student was in sight.

The girl headed straight for the well-lit table for six by the windows. On that table was a handsome black-haired boy. Leticiel’s comrade-in-truancy, Sieg, was idly gazing out of the windows while bathing in the gentle sunlight. He would always do this to secure a good spot.

“Hello, Sieg.”

“Hm? Drossel? You’re here earlier than usual.”

Sieg blinked his eyes as if surprised by Leticiel’s appearance. Looking at that face, Leticiel couldn’t say she didn’t know the reason why.

For the past month, Leticiel had spent almost every day lost in her own world without noticing the time. It was normal that Sieg would have to search for her and drag her over to the cafeteria.

“How unusual. For you to come here on your own before the chime…”

“It’s because I got distracted earlier than usual today. Days like these also happen, you know?”

Leticiel got to the table and sat down. The pair then began chatting in an empty cafeteria.

It seemed that Sieg was researching about numerical formulas in his laboratory. He had planned to visit the machinery room at first, but he had to call it off due to a sudden inspection.

As Leticiel began to doze off in the warm sunlight, the chime rang. And with that, the last person in her group of close friends flew into the cafeteria.

“Good morning! Drossel!”

“Hi, Mira. Your energy level is at 100% like always, huh?”


Seeing Mirandalette’s eyes opened wide, Leticiel let out a giggle.




The rest of Leticiel’s day had passed without any trouble. As the sun was going down the western skies, she and her friends were in the usual booth.

“You should be able to use this level of Magecraft without a Sorcery Formula now. Now, try using this Water Formula.”

“Okay! Um… I think it’s like thisー”

”…My head hurts…”

“Sieg. Did your image get caught up with Mira’s Magecraft again!? Close your eyes and calm down. Drive that image of the Water element out of your head at once!”

In the Magic Training Field, Leticiel was helping out her two friends (mostly Sieg).

While Leticiel and Mirandalette had been practicing here every day, Sieg only showed up once in a while whenever he felt like it.

However, their training regimen were fundamentally different. Mirandalette was striving to be able to freely use Magecraft from every Element. On the other hand, because Sieg’s Magic Power in the Five Basic Elements was so high, he had to deal with various constraints.

Particularly, when he and Mirandalette practiced together, her Magecraft would sometimes influence the image in his head. He was trying to use Void element Magecraft just now, but the image of the Water element appeared in his head and caused his body to suffer from a Mana Rebound.

”Didn’t I tell you that it’d be best for you to practice separately?”

“You did. But in this world where Magic is commonplace, I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I couldn’t at least overcome this.”

Sitting on a bench with ragged breath, Sieg formed a smile on his face. Leticiel could only wish that he’d stop pushing himself as she gazed at that poor state.

Leticiel was sitting next to Sieg as she used a Healing Magecraft on him. While his argument was sound, she wondered if he realized that it would be in vain if he broke his body in the process.

Incidentally, Sieg’s Magic Power measurement results were as such:


Fire 550
Water 550
Wind 550
Earth 550
Lightning 550
Light 0
Dark 0
Void 0

Leticiel had to do a double take when she first saw it. The normal Magic Power average was between 50 and 60, and anything over 100 would be considered high Magic Power.

And yet he held Magic Power ten times that of those normal values. Furthermore, Leticiel had never met anyone with such a contrast between their proficiencies. With this variation in Elemental Ratings, it was no surprise that it‘d be difficult for him to strike a balance between Magecraft and Magic.

“I understand where you’re coming from, but nevertheless, it’s still not a reason to go this far. You should know by now how violently the Magic Power of the Five Elements in your body reacts to Magecraft by now, right? You’ve been injured so many times already.”


“And I’ve told you about this so many times, the difference between your abilities is too extreme. Even when you’re not planning to use Magecraft from the Five Elements, you still need to pay utmost attention when you handle Mana. I understand your desire to use both Magecraft and Magic. But if something happens to you then it would all be for naught.”


“Luckily, Magecraft and Magic aren’t that much different in their structures. Once you master calculation processing step, you should stop suffering from Mana Rebound. In other words, you won’t go anywhere if you keep rushing like this.”


Sieg reminded Leticiel of her past self. In order to not show others her weakness, she tried to resolve everything on her own, but that only led her straining herself even further.

The person who admonished and saved her back then was Nao. Taking care of Sieg like this made Leticiel understand a bit more of what had went on in her husband’s mind.

Sieg couldn’t form a single word to refute Leticiel after hearing what she had to say. Averting his eyes, he disheartedly let out a few apologetic words.

It was a reasonable reaction for someone who hadn’t been scolded much before. However, the scene reminiscent of a downcast puppy was somewhat adorable.

“I think your desire and drive to better yourself is very admirable. However, you have all the time in the world. There’s no reason to burn yourself out, so try to pace yourself to avoid that. I will always be here to help you.”

“…Thank you very much.”

Hearing Leticiel’s scolding and seeing her smile at the end, Sieg opened his eyes and let out a defeated smile.

Leticiel continued to stay by Sieg’s side to use Healing Magecraft on him. He had closed his eyes once again, but his expressions were more at peace than before.

“Drossel, how is Sieg doing?”

“Looks like he’s fine now. His condition’s stabilized and the fever from before has disappeared.”

“Really? That’s great to hear!”

Hearing Leticiel’s words, Mirandalette patted her chest inf relief. At that moment, Sieg, who was lying back against the bench, turned his eyes to the two and said.

“…Can I take a walk around the training field? I want to calm down.”

“Yes, of course you can. In that case, let’s all take a break and go for a stroll.”

Leticiel readily agreed to Sieg’s request. Even if she knew that he was fit to continue, she had no plans to do as unreasonable as immediately resuming their training.

Leticiel’s group left the Magic Training Field together. The field was located to the left of the main building, and behind it was a vast forest spreading out as far as the eye could see. There were various greenhouses and breeding pens that belonged to teachers and researchers who used them for biological research, which were generally off-limits for students.

“Wow… So there’s even a place like this in the academy.”

“Yeah. When the weather’s clear, you can even see the setting sun in the evening.”

“That’s wonderful! I want to see it with you two sometime!”

While walking along the wall dividing the Magic Training Field and the forest, the three enjoyed their idle chatter.

As a princess who had to protect her citizens a thousand years ago, Leticiel didn’t have much of a chance to enjoy normal conversations like these with people of her age. Spending time with her friends was refreshing to Leticiel.

“You wretch! What are you doing there!”

As the trio turned the final corner to complete a lap around the field, a loud voice suddenly rang out, causing all emotion to drain from their faces.

The expressionless girl turned her head to find Rocheford and his followers glaring at her.

There had been zero contact between Drossel and Rocheford for the past month. They had neither met each other at the academy or at the Duke’s residence, nor had they exchanged any letters.

Leticiel’s eyes were ice-cold as she stared at the fiancé that she hadn’t met in a month. Inside her mind, Rocheford was nothing more than a ‘troublesome existence’ she didn’t want to be involved with.

“What can I help you with, Your Highness?”

“Hmph! The nerves you have to pretend that nothing is happening! Seducing another man even though you have a fiancé, how fitting for the disgrace of the Duke’s household!”


It seemed that Rocheford was under the impression that Leticiel was enjoying a tryst with Sieg.

Unwittingly, she looked at the first prince as if he was some pitiful thing. There was not a scrap of romance in the current situation, not to mention that Mirandalette was also with them. She wondered how in the world he had managed to come to this conclusion.

At that point, it was already too late for Leticiel to call this prince an idiot. She could only call him a maggot who had spent the last month flirting indiscriminately with his fiancée’s younger sister.

“B-But Your Highness… There’s another person beside those twoー”

“Quiet! Bastard, you dare to speak up at me!”

One of his followers, a glasses-wearing boy, pointed out the existence of Mirandalette. However, Rocheford was so full of himself that he immediately disregarded that idea.

The timid-looking follower glanced toward Leticiel as if frightened. He slightly lowered his head, just enough so that the rest of his group didn’t notice.

Even though her expression hadn’t changed, Leticiel certainly noticed his gesture. While she had thought that every single one of that idiot prince’s followers were idiots themselves, that didn’t seem to be the case.

“Hmph! But you’re right. It seems that you’re also mingling with that infamous dunce of a lower-ranking noble! You should be ashamed as fiancée of this first prince!”


Seemingly realizing that Rocheford was referring to her, the girl standing next to Leticiel lowered her head while clutching her shirttail. Unlike the golden line sewn on Leticiel’s shirttail, the line being crumpled in Mirandalette’s grip was a color that denoted her status, black.

Something inside of Leticiel snapped.

She could care less about what he had said about her. However, Rocheford had insulted her friend.

(Say, can I beat this man up? It’s fine for me to beat him up, right? Or rather, it’s better for the world if he’s beaten up, no?)

Ignorant to Leticiel’s silent rage, Rocheford formed an arrogant smile. His eyes that gazed down at her were the same as ever; they were filled with contempt.

”With all due respect.”

Despite meeting Rocheford’s glare, her eyes were clearly showing her disgust, and without any facial expression, Leticiel plainly stated her thoughts.

“If you think you are in any position to call me ‘the first prince’s fiancée’, then I suggest you try some soul searching first.”


Rocheford didn’t even attempt to hide his surprise. It seemed that the thought of her retaliating had never crossed his mind.

“Wretch! Even if you’re a good-for-nothing, it still doesn’t change that you still belong to the Duke’s household! Getting involved with something like a lower-ranking noble would only further lower your non-existent reputation!”

“Even if you say that, Your Highness. A country is something built upon the shoulders of its citizens and its many lower-ranking nobles. Despite that fact, you choose not to interact with them just because of a difference in social status and academic ability. That’s very short-sighted for a royal, wouldn’t you say?”

In truth, this was one of the ideals Leticiel held even during the previous age. She believed that while royalty controlled a country, they could only do so because of all the citizens and nobles under them.

She also believed that the same ideal still held true even in the modern day. The reason the minority, the high-ranking nobles, could live leisurely like they did was because of the people under them.

“Y-you wretch! Don’t get carried away!”

Unable to contain himself, Rocheford’s glare grew sharper as he rushed at her, as if attempting to grab the girl.

Simply dodging that attack was easy as his movement was too dull. Without sparing him a glance, she began her counterattack and invoked a Magecraft on the ground. Vines made of grass crawled up his legs; he was caught without even being touched.


Taken by surprise, Rocheford tumbled face-first onto the ground.

Staring down at the dirtied Rocheford with eyes cold as ice, Leticiel walked towards him step by step.

“H-h-how! Why did you! If you know what’s good for yoー”

Holding onto the label of ‘incompetent’ until the very end, Rocheford returned to his usual presumptuous behavior as soon as he recognized her approach.

However, that miniscule confidence was inconsequential to Leticiel. She took what was left of it and smashed it to pieces by creating five spears of ice around her.


Letting out a strange shriek, Rocheford frantically attempted to flee.

But Leticiel had no intention of letting him do so. With a swing of her hands, the spears were released, flying towards the bug before her. His body barely avoided injury as the spears pinned him to the ground.

”I wouldn’t try to move if I were you. I already went out of my way to avoid your face, so don’t blame me if you get hurt, okay?”


Before Rocheford could decide on whether he should run or not, Leticiel stooped down and matched his gaze.

An ice-cold Leticiel slowly narrowing her mismatched eyes of different colors pushed Rocheford’s mental state over its limits. Something like his pride as royalty was no longer in his mind.

“Your Highness. Although I don’t enjoy doing unproductive things like conversing with you, I will leave you with just this.”

“U-u-unproductive, you say…!!”

“I’ll say this frankly so you have nothing to bark back about. Well then, Your Highness. You said I’m seducing a man even though I have a fiancé. Then what about you, who has a woman waiting by your side to serve you even though you have a fiancée?”

As he heard those emotionless words, Rocheford’s shoulders stiffened.

He didn’t expect her to flatly ask him to think about his own position as someone who was yearning for someone else before chastising her and Sieg.

Not only was Rocheford unable to form a single word against her sound argument, he was looking at her as if he was at his wits’ end. Being shut down by her argument was understandable, but Leticiel wondered why he was that shaken.

“Sh-she is…”

“Ah, you don’t need to say anything. She’s just a ‘close friend’, right?”


“If Your Highness can have a ‘close friend of the opposite sex’, then why can’t I have one? And what does Your Highness have to say about the fact that you insulted my friends?”



“Your follower told you as well, didn’t he? That there was someone else present with us. Why didn’t you bother to observe the situation? If you had used your eyes for a bit, you would have seen her right away, right? Are your eyes just there for show?”

“Th-that, is…”

“Furthermore, Your Highness didn’t even think about the fact that you’re friends with your fiancée’s little sister as well… But I suppose she’s just a ‘close friend’, right? Some nerve you have, to talk about me like that. You should look at yourself in the mirror first.”


The first smile Leticiel directed at her fiancé was one as cold as ice. The surrounding temperature suddenly dropped, and the sound of Rocheford’s teeth chattering could be heard.

The phenomenon wasn’t because Leticiel had lost control of her power, but rather because she had invoked Blizzard on purpose. At this rate, she would be able to fully control her body’s Phenomenon Interference Power within two months.

The moment Leticiel deactivated her Magecraft, Rocheford scrambled away as if his behind had been lit on fire. Despite being unable to form a coherent sentence early, his pride still enabled him to spit out an empty threat.

“Y-y-yooou will regret this!”

“You two, are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine… U-um… Drossel…”

Leticiel raised her voice towards an absentminded Mirandalette and Sieg.

“Perhaps, what His Highness said just now is on your mind?”


In Lucrezia Academy, there were some differences between the uniforms of those belonging to high-ranking noble households and those of the rest of the student population. Those high-ranking households consisted of the Duke and Marquis households as well as parts of the Earl households. There were various lines on the uniforms that denoted a student’s status, which were located on the shirttail and cuffs, as well as the hem of the skirt or along the side of the pants. Those lines would be golden for high-ranking nobles and black for every other student.

“You should ignore his baseless rambling. I became friends with you two simply because I wanted to. Something like your status is completely irrelevant to me.”

Leticiel clearly asserted her intentions as if it was a matter of fact, prompting both Sieg and Mirandalette to stare at her with their eyes wide open.

“Let’s stop here for today. You two don’t feel like continuing after that either, right?”


Taking Mirandalette and Sieg’s mental states into consideration, Leticiel signaled the end of the training session.


After using Transference to return home, Leticiel thought about refreshing herself and headed for her private bathroom. However, just as she returned from the bath, Leticiel’s ears picked up on some noises from outside of her room.


Bang, thud.

Leticiel guessed that it must have been the sound of someone hitting the wall close to her room and falling onto the ground.

Wondering about who it was, she quietly approached her door and placed her ear against it to discern the situation outside.

“You, how many times do you think this makes it?”

“M-my deepest apologies! Madam! Please forgive me!”

Leticiel could hear the voices of two females. As sounds alone were not enough to ascertain the situation, Leticiel stealthily opened the door and began to peep through the small gap.

Before her eyes was the scene of a maid lowering her head to the Duchess. The Duchess was in her usual extravagant dress, thickly caked in layers of makeup, while concealing her mouth with a folding fan.

On the other hand, the maid was in a pitiful state as her entire body was trembling. Perhaps she had made some mistake, however, it wasn’t normal to be that frightened.

“It seems that you wish to be dismissed? Well, it’d certainly be much better to hire someone capable instead of keeping you around?”

”N-no! I beg of you, Madam! Anything but that!!”

The Duchess seemed to be sneering as she declared that. Without even looking at her, Leticiel knew that the maid had turned deathly pale as soon as she had heard that. It seemed that she couldn’t afford to lose her job.

Leticiel thought about leaving it at that as she had no interest in the events unfolding before her. However, when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to rest until the charade had finished, she promptly decided to intervene.

“How do you do, Lady Diane. I didn’t think you would have the time to dawdle here as the Duchess.”

Quietly opening the door, Leticiel called out to her so-called mother with her signature uninterested attitude and tone.

Diane didn’t even hide the fact that she was surprised by Drossel’s sudden appearance. The question ‘Why is she here?’ was written on her puzzled face.

Seeing her face, a thought came to Leticiel’s mind. Perhaps Diane had forgotten she was near Drossel’s room. Indeed, it was very much possible with that family of hers.

“…What did you just say about me…”

“Miss Maid over there, could you please tell me your name?”

Ignoring Diane, Leticiel turned her head towards the maid.

As if she was startled by the sudden question from the Duke’s daughter, the maid stumbled over her words as she answered the question.

“M-my name is Nicole…”

“I see. Then Nicole, why were you being scolded by Lady Diane?”


“Ah, you don’t have to worry about Lady Diane. I’m the one talking to you right now.”

Hearing Drossel nonchalantly giving her permission to ignore the mistress, Nicole’s face became completely frozen.

Diane’s glare grew sharper as she stared at the girl… to be more precise, Drossel. However, Drossel showed no sign of noticing it.

(No, it’d be impossible to ignore her right now…)

Despite having such a thought, Nicole knew it would be wise to not voice it out loud.

“N-no… It was n-nothing…”

“Oh? Well… Perhaps she was saying something like ‘You’re worthless when you can’t even clean properly’?”


Nicole gasped as if she was about to ask Leticiel ‘How did you know?’, but she held back at the last second.

In reality, Leticiel simply made a guess based on the cleaning tools that were laid next to Nicole, but it seemed that she had hit the bullseye.

“I was wondering what in the world would make someone like the Mistress of this residence angry… but it seems that it was just something pointless.”


“Furthermore, I can’t seem to find a single dirty spot around this area. With all due respect, Lady Diane, where is the dirty spot that you spoke of? Could I ask you to point out its location?”


“I dare say… You were finding fault with a servant? But there’s no way the ‘Flower of High Society’ would do something as undignified as that, is there?”

Leticiel continued while keeping a blank face. As the rationale she had been given was unshakeable, Diane simply glared at the girl with disgusted eyes while concealing the rest of her expression with her fan.

However, Leticiel simply brushed off that stare. Despite being a spectator, Nicole couldn’t help but be nervous at the sight of Drossel acting nonchalantly before those razor-sharp eyes.


“Is there something wrong?”

“You… what have you been calling me?”

Leticiel was surprised by that forceful subject change.

It appeared that Diane was shaken by the fact that Drossel was calling her by her own name.

(Hmm… Perhaps that’s what was bothering her?)

However, Leticiel simply tilted her head as she couldn’t understand why Diane was so shocked. For her, calling the woman who treated her as if she shouldn’t exist ‘mother’ was a ridiculous idea.

Past that, Leticiel didn’t consider Diane to be her mother in the first place, so referring to the woman as she had was perfectly logical.

“Yes? It’s ‘Lady Diane’, is there anything wrong with that?”


Leticiel plainly responded as if it was completely normal. Hearing that, Diane’s folding fan began to shake. She then took one last glare at Drossel before storming off.


The sound of loud, unladylike footsteps echoed down the hallway. Leticiel realized that that woman was angry.

(Oh my…? She seemed to be really displeased, did I do something she didn’t like? Oh well, we rarely meet each other anyway.)

Once again, Leticiel simply brushed off anything she had no interest in pursuing.

“U-um… Thank you very much!”

The moment Diane’s figure disappeared from their view, Nicole made a deep bow. However, Leticiel gently shook her head to stop Nicole.

Leticiel had never intended to help out the girl; it was merely a byproduct of her own selfish desires. It wasn’t something she should have been thanked for.

“I simply did that for my own satisfaction. You don’t have to lower your head like that.”

“No… Even if you said that, Lady Drossel, you still saved me in the end. And I’m extremely grateful for that.”

Nicole quickly shook her head.

According to Nicole, she had been the subject of Diane’s baseless scolding for the longest time. Not only that, the other members of the Duke’s household as well as the servants would only look on and laugh at her out of amusement. Leticiel was the very first person to reach out to help her like this.

“I really didn’t do much… but well, you’re welcome. Do your best at work, okay?”


Hearing Drossel’s words, Nicole let out a bright smile.

It hadn’t been long since the girl had started working at the Duke’s household. As a result, she could neither do her job perfectly, nor could she get along well with the others. Her employers would call her worthless while her seniors at work would ridicule her for being incompetent.

Without knowing Nicole’s circumstances, Leticiel would never have known how grateful the maid was for her words and actions.

“…By the way, Lady Drossel. Earlier, you were calling the Madam, Lady Diane…”

“Yes, I did call her that. Was there something wrong with that? I’m certain it’s her name.”

“You’re correct, but… she’s your mother, isn’t she?”

“Oh my, it’s fine. I’ll be sure to call her ‘Mother’ when it’s appropriate.”

“I… I don’t think that’s the main issue here…”

To Nicole, the statement that came from Drossel’s mouth was so ridiculous that she couldn’t help but blurt out the first thing on her mind.




As the gentle morning sun peeped into the room, Leticiel opened her eyes.

(…Aaah… I fell asleep without changing my clothes…)

Her realization came as she looked down at her body and found herself wearing plain clothes instead of nightwear.

Leticiel remembered that after she had taken a bath last night, her usual reading time began. However, she had no recollection of what had happened afterward. It seemed that she had fallen asleep somewhere along the way.

Leticiel got up to inspect her clothes more thoroughly. And just as she had expected, it was full of creases. She then invoked Magecraft to remove the wrinkles while letting out a sigh.

Leticiel was suddenly reminded of the fact that unlike Magecraft, Magic couldn’t be used in daily life like this.

(They probably have to do everything by hand…?)

When most of the wrinkles had disappeared, the sound of two knocks resounded throughout Leticiel’s room.

Thinking that it should have been Ruvik visiting her at such a time, Leticiel answered with a ‘Go ahead’, not paying much attention.

“E-excuse me.”

However, the person who entered wasn’t Ruvik. Looking at that unexpected person, Leticiel was frozen in place before she could finish getting out of bed.

The person who had entered the room was Nicole, the maid who Leticiel had saved from Diane last night.

Drossel and Nicole didn’t have a master-and-servant relationship. In the first place, Leticiel had just only met the girl for the first time yesterday. Leticiel couldn’t think of any reason why Nicole would be here at this time.

While Leticiel was still confused about the situation, Nicole stated her reason for coming to Drossel’s room.

It appeared that Diane had reported what had happened to the Duke. And they had decided to sweep everything under the rug, that was to say, they would just pair the incompetent maid with the incompetent daughter.

Furthermore, their motive was also to harass Drossel by sending an incapable servant to take care of her.

“Because of that, I’ll be working as Lady Drossel’s exclusive maid from today on.”

“I see…”

Leticiel gave a half-minded response after hearing Nicole’s side of the story.

In reality, Leticiel had no need for a maid. However, as she also had no reason against having one in the first place, she simply accepted the situation.

Furthermore, unlike the other maids, Nicole held no prejudice against Drossel. Leticiel came to the conclusion that having the girl serve her wasn’t a bad idea.

“I got it. Then I’ll be counting on you from now on, Nicole.”

“Of course!”

After exchanging a few mutual words, the pair promptly began Leticiel’s morning preparations.

Despite having an exclusive maid now, what Leticiel had to do still remained the same. Just like usual, she changed her clothes in the walk-in closet before getting her appearance in order.

The only difference was having her clothes selected by Nicole, who would also do her hair.

“My lady, are you not going to put your stockings on?”

Nicole asked while holding in her hands an article of clothing that looked like black pants. It was the same one Leticiel had seen on her first day as Drossel, those mysterious small pants.


“It’s this thing. It’s part of your uniform according to the academy…”

Hearing what Nicole said, Leticiel realized that Mirandalette would always cover her legs with some kind of black pants. So that thing is called ‘stockings’.

“…I’m not putting that on. It looks troublesome.”

Touching that thing called stockings, Leticiel shook her head. She noticed that the material was elastic and that it would make her legs more slender. However, she also thought they would definitely feel unpleasant to wear. Looking back into her memories, she remembered that some students had them on while others didn’t. In that case, stockings weren’t something required by the rules.

“As you wish!”

Because Nicole accepted her decision without any further questions, Leticiel was reaffirmed in her belief that the stockings were not required.

“Now that I think about it, Nicole. Is there a reason why you didn’t want to be dismissed no matter what?”

Sitting at the dresser in the walk-in closet, Leticiel inquired the maid who was combing her silver hair.

“Hmm, are you referring to yesterday?”

Nicole placed the comb back onto the dresser as she replied. The mirror’s reflection showed her face forming a small sad smile.

“To tell you the truth, I have a sick mother at home. My father passed away too soon, so I began working in the capital the year I turned twenty. After moving from job to job, I ended up getting hired by this residence. I’m the main source of income for my family, so if I’m dismissed, I’ll be unable to pay for my mother’s living and medical expenses…”

“…My apologies. I shouldn’t have asked that.”

“No, no! You don’t have to feel sorry at all! Nobody has ever asked me before, so I’m happy that I was able to share my story with someone.”

“Are you… sure?”

“Yes. I also escaped my dismissal because I was assigned to my lady. I’m truly grateful for that… Okay! Thank you for waiting!”

Nicole had finished styling Leticiel’s hair while they were talking. How fast… wait.

Leticiel was staring at her reflection in the mirror.

The person in the mirror was an unequaled beauty whose features contained both the beauty of a mature woman as well as the cuteness fitting her age.

Even before Leticiel’s transmigration, the original Drossel’s looks towered above even the other members of the Duke’s household. And on such a beauty’s face was now a thin layer of makeup that further accented her features.

Her perfectly straight and glossy silver hair was braided into a half-up and decorated with a simple ribbon.

“Your facial features were so perfect that I… ended up going all out!”

“R-right… Th-th-thanks…”

Leticiel, who was stuttering, thought that it wasn’t bad at all.

For someone who had lived in the age of chaos, Leticiel was indifferent to being fashionable. She had neither had the time for it, nor could she set aside the time for it.

And even after she had become Drossel, because it had been too bothersome, Leticiel would only wear the bare minimum amount of clothes, put no makeup on, and just let her hair flow straight down.

“Things like hairstyles and makeup… Females are quite intricate…”

“Um, you’re one as well, Lady Drossel…”

Leticiel murmured as if deeply impressed, and in turn, a smile emerged on Nicole’s face.

“Nicole… Perhaps you have high fashion sense?”

“Oh, no, not at all… I once worked at a barbershop.”

“So that’s how you’re able to do this… You’re quite talented after all.”

“Th-thank you very much…”

Having her skills recognized for the first time in the Duke’s household, Nicole’s cheeks turned slightly red. The pair then enjoyed their idle talk.

While their conversation was taking place, a knock sounded through the room. It was Ruvik, who had come with a cart that carried Leticiel’s breakfast.

“That really suits you, my lady.”

Noticing Leticiel differed from her usual appearance, Ruvik did a double take before immediately forming a smile and complementing her.

Leticiel’s morning routine then continued as always. She read while she had her breakfast, and when the time came, she grabbed her bag and prepared to go to the academy. Leticiel told Ruvik when she planned to return home before invoking Transference.


That morning, Lucrezia Academy was in total chaos.

The entrance hall was blocked by students standing in a daze as gasps of wonder and amazement spread throughout the crowd.

Their eyes were all focused on a single female student with waist-length silver-hair done in a half-up. In stark contrast to their reactions until then, both male and female students were bewitched by the exquisite beauty of the ‘Ice Demon’.

Her thin makeup along with her simple hairstyle like that of a commoner’s didn’t detract from her beautiful and elegant looks in the slightest. In fact, they further elevated her features to an awe-inspiring level.

The current state of the hall was simply a natural reaction.

“Hmm… Where should I go today?”

Within that chaos, only one single person… the main subject of attention paid no heed to her surroundings. Without a sign of slowing her steps, she voiced such a carefree thought to herself.

In reality, Leticiel could somewhat feel the stares directed at her. However, while they were harmless, the stares showed no sign of decreasing so she decided it was best to just ignore them.

“Okay… Yesterday was the Swordplay Training Hall, so today will be the Great Library…”

As she became lost in her thoughts, her long eyelashes sloped downwards, her ethereal beauty turned both male and female students into statues.

Without batting an eye at the entranced students, Leticiel maintained her act of a disinterested bystander.

Invoking her masterclass ignoring skill against the students who were all frozen in place, Leticiel weaved her way through the crowd.




“Damn it! She, how dare she humiliate me like that…”

Rocheford spat out his frustrations. He was stomping around the lake behind the main school building.

While classes were in session, Rocheford was in no state to learn anything. His mind was consumed with rage from the disgrace he suffered the other day.

“If only Drossel didn’t exist, I would be engaged to Christa… Why? Why is that bitch my fiancée…!”

Rocheford continued as he swung his leg and kicked a small rock. It flew violently through the air before splashing into the lake.

Rocheford and Drossel became engaged due to an imperial decree. It was announced out of the blue three years ago, when Rocheford had been summoned by the king.

Back in those days, Drossel’s reputation wasn’t particularly good. The fact that her family mistreated her behind closed doors was an open secret. While many nobles valued her high intellect, an equal amount of nobles mocked her for her status as a Magic Powerless.

“Your engagement to the daughter of Duke Filiaregis, Drossel, had been decided.”

Rocheford couldn’t deny the fact that Drossel’s abilities were a cut above the rest. However, the thought of someone with no Magic Power being a member of the royal family was something he couldn’t accept.

Not only that, when they had met each other during the marriage interview at the Duke’s household, Rocheford’s impression of Drossel was the worst. Despite it being a marriage interview, she barely talked or changed her expression. Instead of being with a person, there was an uncanniness to her, as if he was speaking to a breathtakingly beautiful doll.

In the Platina Kingdom, five households were granted the peerage of Dukedom, and were collectively referred to as the Five Houses. The prince’s fiancée could have been chosen from any of the Five Houses. But instead, the king had chosen a Magic Powerless for Rocheford.

With just that one sentence from the king, Rocheford understood everything. That his own father had no expectations for him.

“That old bastard treated me like I was worthless…”

Rocheford had heard that one of the reasons Drossel was chosen was her red eye.

Red eyes were exceedingly rare in this kingdom. It was said that people with red eyes would undergo a great change after they turned thirteen. When that happened, their future would split into two paths. One path would bring misfortune to the world. The other would bring salvation to the world.

Instead of choosing an ordinary noble daughter, the king believed that Drossel, who had the potential to change his son, was a better fit. However, Rocheford didn’t believe in such a baseless legend, and only saw it as an excuse.

‘If my father doesn’t expect anything of me, then I don’t have to meet his expectations’ With such thoughts, Rocheford began to act however he pleased.

Despite continuing his relationship with Drossel out of obligation, the distance between the two drifted further and further apart as Drossel’s uncanny behavior didn’t change in the slightest even after becoming his betrothed.

As a result, Rocheford’s feelings were easily swayed toward Christa. Every time he made the required visit to the Duke’s residence, he would end up meeting Christa too. As Rocheford had already began to harbor feelings for Christa from his marriage interview with Drossel, it was only natural that they would grow close.

Drossel’s sudden change in personality was also around that time. She would throw a tantrum at every little thing. However, once she calmed down, she would nestle close to him and whisper in a sweet voice.

Using that revolting behavior as his opportunity, Rocheford further distanced himself from Drossel. Away from the person who he had hated from the start, he was completely absorbed in fooling around with Christa.

“I’m the first prince of this country. Nobody can oppose me.”

Drossel hadn’t even once dared to defy Rocheford, even before or after her change. And yet, she had made use of her Magic to oppose him. Moreoverー

“…Wait a minute? She shouldn’t have any Magic Power at all…”

Realizing this, Rocheford suddenly felt a sense of discomfort.

He was certain that Drossel had used Magic at that time. Thinking back on it, such a feat was impossible for someone with no Magic Power like her.

“And… She has been acting very strangely this past month. It’s like she’s another person…”

Letting that sense of discomfort take over, Rocheford began to question it further.

She had stopped losing her temper as of late. And at around the same time, she had begun to stop showing up to class. Finally, even though she would have followed him everywhere in the past, these days, she wouldn’t so much as look at him and Christa.

Rocheford thought that she had reverted to her original personality, but that wasn’t the case. The original Drossel would always care about what others thought of her. However, the current one showed not the slightest sign of concern for others. Not only that, she seemed to show no awareness that how her actions were unbecoming of a Duke’s daughter.

“…I see, so she must be a witch…!”

Having thought it through, Rocheford arrived at a single answer.

A sudden change in personality, the absence of awareness as a Duke daughter, and using Magic even though she shouldn’t have been able to. Trying to make sense of those peculiarities, Rocheford couldn’t come up with an explanation using his common sense.

Furthermore, the person responsible for this miserable state of him, the country’s first prince, was none other than Drossel. He was certain that she was a calamity that brought misfortune to everyone associated with her.

“Actually… I think the Museum has a sword that was used to kill witches…”

As someone who loved weapons, Rocheford had deep knowledge about the arms and armor in the Museum.

Because of the incident from the other day, Rocheford knew that Drossel was strong. He believed that he wouldn’t be able to fight her without the Witch Slayer that had the saint’s divine protection.

Having made his decision, Rocheford immediately set out for the Museum. He had to strike down that witch as soon as possible.

“You, the person standing over there! Bring me the Holy Witch Slayer in this Museum!”

“Eh? Ehh?? I-I need to report to the director first…”

“That’s not needed! I told you, bring it out at once!”

Rocheford seized the curator in the entrance hall and shouted. Unable to go against the orders of the first prince, the curator guided him to the vault.

“This is, the Holy Witch Slayer…”

Rocheford snatched the long rapier presented to him by the curator.

“I will gain the saint’s divine protection with this sword in hand, right?”

“Y-Yees… You need this incantation to receive the divine protection…”

“Then tell me that right away!”

Grabbing the small scroll from the curator’s hand, Rocheford immediately went through its contents before raising the corners of his mouth into a smirk.

“Hmph! With this sword and incantation, I can…!”

Without an ounce of doubt, Rocheford believed that he could take revenge on Drossel.


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