Her Royal Highness seems to be angry Vol 1 Epilogue and Afterwords

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Epilogue: A Meeting at Midnight


A white porcelain teacup fell to the ground, shattering into pieces with a tinkling sound.

The youth stood there, dumbfounded. His eyes fixed on the velvety, flaxen-colored hair slowly flowing before him.

How did it come to this? Lost in thought, he racked his brain in search of a nonexistent answer.

He tried to reach out to her, but his hands were stopped by the dark grey bars stretching up before him.

“Are you… really fine with this…?”

Inside of the cell, the girl leaning against the chair smiled gently. Even in her final moments, she still maintained her dignified air.

“There’s no other way… besides this…”

A scarlet line ran down from the corner of her mouth. Against her porcelain skin, the red droplets were sickeningly vivid.

“Please, promise me… that you will create, a peaceful world, a great kingdom…”

“…Yeah, I promise you. I will definitely keep the peace of this kingdom…”

As she watched the youth trying his best to squeeze out those painful words, the young girl’s indigo eyes seemed to be filled with joy. With a smile still on her face, the light gently faded from her eyes.

“…Josephina. I… I really, love youー”

The only ones to witness the two streams running down the youth’s cheeks were the insects swarming about the dungeon’s bonfire.




The sound of a knock reverberated through a room lit up by only candle flames. The Platina Kingdom’s 47th King, Oswald Draco Aleister Platina, opened his eyes.


He touched his forehead to find a large amount of cold sweat. It seemed that it was a dream about the past. Grabbing the wine glass from the table, he moistened his throat.

Two more knocking sounds suddenly reverberated through the room.

Oswald turned his head towards the door.

“Come in.”

The door quietly opened, and a young boy with bluish ashen hair entered the room. He was dressed in dull colors, as if to ensure he wouldn’t stand out. The pair of jet-black eyes behind his glasses seemed to exude a sense of wonderment.

“My deepest apologies for coming this late in the night, Your Majesty.”

“Tsubaru, huh? I don’t mind.”

Feeling a bit relieved to find the boy visiting him, Oswald invited the follower of the First Prince into the room.

Without making a noise, the boy called Tsubaru slowly walked before Oswald’s table and presented him the stack of paper in his hands.

Oswald immediately realized that it was a report about the incident that had occurred in Lucrezia Academy today.

Earlier, the people who had returned from the academy were making frightened faces as they carried the First Prince to his bedroom. From just that, Oswald had already surmised that his foolish son had probably done something outrageous.

He accepted the report and began to skim through it from the very first page.

“…What is this?”

The moment Oswald finished reading the last page, he threw the report onto the table and pressed his fingers between his brows.

Only a short time had passed since he had received the report about the strange Formulas from Lucas, and yet, the situation had escalated far beyond Oswald’s expectations.

“It’s just like what’s written there, it’s a report about the incident at the academy between the first prince and his fiancée.”

“I already knew that from just reading. I’m talking about its contents.”

Oswald glared at the stack of paper on the table. While the report itself had done nothing wrong, he couldn’t help but vent out his anger on it reflexively.

Since the meeting with Lucas about Sorcery Formulas a month ago, Oswald had been very interested in the person who had accomplished that feat. However, as Lucas wasn’t keen on reporting about the person in question, Oswald had decided to look into them himself, and he had found her.

“The cause of the incident is still unknown, however, the relic named Holy Witch Slayer was found on the scene.”

“Holy Witch Slayer, you say…? Don’t tell me he brought it out again?”

“Yes, indeed… According to the Museum’s curator, the prince had done the usual…”

“…That fool.”

Amazed by Tsubaru’s hesitant reply, Oswald let out a sigh and pressed against between his brows. He then picked up the report again and his eyes stopped on a sentence in the last paragraph.

“…Then, is this sentence here correct?”

“Yes. The person who defeated that unknown beast was indeed Lady Drossel. Despite having no Magic Power, she suppressed the monster with overwhelming force. That was something that I confirmed with my own two eyes.”

While he couldn’t ignore the appearance of the beast, Drossel was someone Oswald was much more interested in.

Drossel Noa Filiaregis. The first prince’s fiancée, the creator of Sorcery Formulas. And also, there was a high possibility that she held the power Oswald and some others had been searching for all these years.

For Oswald, up until a month ago, she was nothing more than ‘my son’s fiancée”. Since he had already given up on the first prince, he also held no real interest in her.

“Say, Tsubaru. Do you think that girl holds any grudge against me?”

“…Let me see. While I’ve only observed her for just a month, it seems that she ignores anything she has no interest in. Since she doesn’t show any signs of caring about His Highness, I don’t think she holds any particular views towards Your Majesty.”

“I see.”

It seemed that his fear was unfounded. Oswald still didn’t know the true extent of Drossel’s power. If her power was the real deal, he couldn’t afford to recklessly antagonize her as the King.

“It seems I can’t do anything without meeting her first.”

“Then, tomorrow, I will immediately head for the Duke’s household to summon her.”

“Very well, I’m counting on you.”

Tsubaru bowed and withdrew from the room.

After Tsubaru had left, Oswald silently stared out of the windows at the night sky. Without turning his eyes away from the scenery outside, he muttered out loud.

“…It’s fine to show yourself.”

His words filled the quiet moonlit room, and before long, the figure of an old gentleman appeared from a dim corner of the room.

“My apologies… I couldn’t find the chance to come out because of Tsubaru…”

The only ones who knew about the secret passage that led to this room were none other than Oswald and this old gentleman.

“For this case, what do you see, David?”

“What… do you mean by that?”

“With our current situation, which direction do you think our kingdom should head for?”

“Which direction indeed… But, you already have your own answer, don’t you, Your Majesty…? Since you designated that child as His Highness the First Prince’s fiancée…”


David had hit the mark. Oswald slowly closed his deep, crimson eyes.

“That girl… Do you think she would lend our kingdom that power?”

“That will depend on Your Majesty… While that child might seem moody, she’s actually a very simple child. If she sees you as an enemy, she would show you no mercy. On the other hand, if she accepts you, she would go through thick and thin for you.”

“I see…”

Oswald opened his eyes once again and took a glance at David.

“Have you known this from the beginning?”

“You’re overestimating me, Your Majesty. Something like seeing everything the future has in store for someone would still be impossible for me.”

“In other words, just a part of that everything would still be possible, right?”


The two silently stared at each other. As David’s face was hidden by his white moustache, Oswald couldn’t discern any information or emotion from him.

“Three years ago, it was you who proposed that Drossel must be a candidate to be the fiancée for the next heir to the throne. You… From the very beginning, you have known about that girl’s true worth, haven’t you?”

“Hohoh, I wonder…”

Seeing David deflecting the question, Oswald could only sigh.

For Oswald, David was a mysterious man who never spoke about himself. Despite having known him for over thirty years now, the only thing Oswald knew for certain was that he had been serving the kings of this kingdom from many generations before.

And that he was no ordinary person.

“You’re still impossible to read as usual.”

“Hoho, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

David’s moustache shook as he laughed.

“Then, I’ll be taking my leave…”

“Go ahead.”

David turned on his heels. After Oswald had returned to gazing out of the window once more, David’s voice reached his back.

“Your Majesty, do you believe in it now…? About the one who will bring about Sorcery Formulas and Magecraft, that ‘The second daughter of the Duke Filiaregis is the key that holds the world’s fate’.”


Leaving that nostalgic prophecy behind, David slipped back into the darkness, just as he had come.

“…Yeah, I believe in it now.”

Without turning around, Oswald silently muttered. There was no one in the room to hear what he had said.

When he had first heard about the prophecy, Oswald didn’t believe in it. However, the him right now had fully realized that it was the truth.

“…Even my wish, will finally become a reality.”

Inside the empty room, Oswald gulped down the remaining wine in the glass and let out a small smile.

The full moon hanging in the sky was the only one present to see it; a smile filled with happiness, loneliness, and self-loathing.




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As this book is my first published work, I still have many shortcomings as an inexperienced writer. But if you were able to enjoy this work’s world, I would be on cloud nine.

As someone who had only experienced novels as a reader until recently, I was only able to fully realize how difficult it is to form a story with your own hands once I tried to write something on my own. Of course, composing a story is important, but beyond that, there are also bringing the characters to life, as well as depicting the events, all of which are important skills for a novelist. However, as I carefully faced the arduous task of creating a story, I was able to experience the depth and joy of the world of novels once again. Like I thought, being a writer is fun.

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